Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

We work with the general management to assess the internal and external factors that are relevant to evaluate the possible scenarios that will lead to the definition of the international growth strategy

What factors do we consider?

  1. Analysis of the main markets, and the positioning of the competition across the priority segments and channels
  2. Analysis of the competitiveness of the product/service and the maturity of the processes for an internacional expansion
  3. Competitiveness of the teams and the sales and marketing tools
  4. Objectives, timescales, resources and the level of risk that the company is willing to take

What is our experience?

  1. Industrial product manufacturer
    • Definition of a brand re-positioning strategy to grow in the premium industrial segment and compete with the leading companies in the sector.
    • Prioritization of more than 100 markets based on an analysis of 5 external factors and 5 internal factors most relevant to evaluate the growth potential and the allocation of resources
  2. Videogame company
    • Preparation of a presentation to investors to attract investment of Korean VCs. More than 15 meetings organized with the main VCs of Korea.

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